How to protect your email from Spam email?

World War of Email Marketing and Change of the Spam Front - The 2000s

Email marketers were struggling with the rule that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were set up to prevent spam, as long as another law was passed in 2003, entitled "  Can-Spam. " As its name implies, the recipient of the commercial mail has been given the right to restrict the sender from re-posting commercial mail.

In 2004, the "  Transmitter Policy Act (SPF) " introduced a system of validation that would help prevent spam by verifying the IP address of the sender.  From now on, the volume of emails containing marketing content and viral and spam emails has increased, and the email environment has become a battlefield between the sender and receiver.

People took power - 2010 to today

In 2011, 75% of iPhone owners in the UK used e-mail. As a result, e-mail was the most popular Internet activity on the mobile phone.  When marketers discovered that the volume of their emails opens onto mobile, they were forced to think about how these emails appear on the mobile display.

Social networking was another challenge for email marketing. Individuals from a variety of channels, such as FacebookTwitterInstagram, etc., could interact with a brand. Gradually the level of expectations of the people rose.  Marketers find themselves at a point where they could not go to email marketing without collecting and managing data.

Since 2013, targeted email advertising strategies have gradually shifted to focus on the needs and desires of every single user, and the style of the traditional newsletter lost its popularity. Today, automated email marketing automation systems and advanced list generation companies have been highly targeted with email marketing tools; capabilities such as dynamic content (dynamic content) create one-to-one experience between the user and the brand. Also, the greater emphasis on engagement and engagement in order to achieve good email validation has led to quality being replaced as a strategic approach to email marketing.


When AOL, followed by Hotmail and Yahoo in the same year 2004, provided recipient feedback, the spamming of the receiver became an important indicator for marketers.  This point was the start of anti-spam strategies that continue to this day.

In 2008, email recipients could vote for email spam or not; on the other hand, Hotmail and Google were able to sort emails; the possibilities made the marketers pay attention. Getting their message and breakthrough will focus more on their strategies.

The Return path (one of leading companies in the field of email marketing), in 2009, 30% of commercial email, even to the Inbox users are logged in and the lack of relevance of the subject of the email to the recipient, the main reason Opt-out users, respectively. Users have the option of blocking unwanted emails, helping them push a push strategy into a pull-out strategy (read  the Comprehensive Hacking Guide  for a better understanding of stretching and compression tactics).

From that time on, it was clear to everyone that sending an email alone was not enough because they could not even be sure that the email was sent to the user's Inbox, which would be open and read.  As a result, marketers should focus more on the content they send by email.  They found that the email sent to the recipient had to engage with him and found the two main factors for this so-called targeted Email:

  1. The email correspondence to the recipient

  2. Send timely email

What began as a mass marketing strategy began to evolve as a strategy for brand and customer development?

Advantages and disadvantages of marketing emails compared to other marketing methods

We said email marketing is referred to as potential or actual customer targeting by e-mail.  Often using Data Mining, email marketing can be used to impress the customer.  In general, email marketing is an evolving form of digital marketing, a traditional marketing approach. In the following, we would like to point out the advantages and disadvantages of targeted Email Marketing over other marketing methods:


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