Benefits of email marketing

  • Return on Investment (ROI): In simple terms, ROI means how much money per pile per company passes to the company's pocket. The return on email marketing capital can be accurately calculated and it has been proven that if targeted email marketing is done properly, this return on investment will be very high. Email Marketing has been recognized as the most effective online marketing tactic in recent years. In the chart below, quoted from the Marketing schools’ site, a comparison is made between the return on email marketing capital and several popular marketing practices in the world in 2018.


Comparison of Return on Capital Markets Marketing with Marketing Types

  • Cheap and fast: Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than other marketing methods. In the easiest way, email marketing requires a list and an email address.

  • Flexibility: As we said before, targeted marketing email has no limitations. Any kind of content can be sent by email: text, photo, video, file and links. You can email attachments and launch your Email Marketing campaign for any kind of bell, whistle and danger sign you want.

  • Consumer Behavior:  With the advancement of technology, email service providers (ESPs) can easily provide information about the recipient's behavior to the sender.  As a result, organizations and companies that do high-volume Email Marketing can buy and use the services of many consumers to learn about their email marketing.

  • Direct targeting: Email marketers will be able to send targeted messages and even personalized messages to different people. For example, if a woman has bought a shoe brand in the past, the marketer can send him an email containing the purchase bin, given that she is aware of the woman's interest in that shoe brand. Most marketing channels, however, repeatedly display their advertising content to a community, with a high percentage of them having no interest in the product.

  • Substance Content Testing: Email Marketing can be used as a cost-effective method for testing various content and uses the data tested through email marketing in other marketing channels.

  • Necessity: It does not matter to you that registering and logging in to any social network requires an email address that does not even show up to you at that moment even at least one email address per person! People are checking their emails even during the busiest days when they do not have time to visit their social networks, so email marketing can also be more effective than social networking, albeit with the right use!

  • Thematic link: The ability to opt-in email (users choose to subscribe to their favorite emails by subscribing to or subscribing to an email service) has enabled email marketers to send a linked, customized message to those interested in one Send the subject.

Disadvantages of email marketing

The only weak point that can be addressed for email marketing is spam email by users, which negatively affects the delivery rate. Of course, this weakness, to some extent, has been dimmed by the ability to opt-in users to receive emails on topics they are interested in, but so far, to the point where only the relevant content and interest of each recipient is sent to his inbox, so much We are away.

What businesses use email marketing?

Most organizations that have a full-featured online presence prefer to use email marketing because their customers can only walk through the route from email to the product page with a single click.  Competition between E-Commerce sites is intense and email marketing is a proven way of engaging the customer and making it different from other companies.  Of course, email marketing is not just for the purpose of selling online products; nonprofit organizations and political campaigns also use email marketing to communicate with supporters and donors.

Low cost and ease of implementation, targeted email advertising has become a tool that is nearly accessible to all businesses. A a small beauty salon can also provide an email list and send coupon discounts for nail services or hair styling.  The size and complexity of the marketing email campaign in this salon may not be large, but if the owner knows what marketing is and the campaign is targeting and implementing correctly, then the results may be more satisfactory to him than email marketing campaigns. Maybe the executor does not know what marketing email is!

The final word

In this article, we have defined empirical and e-mail marketing, and then we went over to its history.  We met with each other what started the marketing email, at what periods of time it was high and pervasive, what were the obstacles on the way and how to solve them one by one with the help of technology.  Afterwards, I mentioned the advantages of Email Marketing and I also mentioned a disadvantage. In the end, I said that in any business, email marketing can be used as a recipe, and this is how email marketing is used to lead to business success or to switch that business to other marketing methods.

Getting into Inbox is like having someone left or invited to someone's home.  When you go to someone's home, you wear beautiful and fit clothes and show your best behavior. 

In marketing email, you should also have a good look and feel, and remember that you are at their home. Not all email marketing list is created equally. Want real, human visitors to your site that have a propensity to buy?  Buy Website Traffic today. and let the light shine your business! In this series of articles, you will fully learn how to appear with the proper appearance and tone in Inbox.  In the second chapter of this series of articles, as the first step in the launch of a successful email marketing campaign, I will explain how to prepare a good email list. I will also introduce you to the world's most used email marketing tools. So, come along with us in the next season, I will also welcome your feedback on this article at the end of this page.


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